Hi! I'm !

I'm a developer, primarily working with C though I do branch out, and an avid sci-fi fan.

I particularly enjoy working on compilers though I also code more practical things (several features of different parts of this site were made in C).

I've recently had the pleasure of reading Andy Weir's Project: Hail Mary and am eagerly hoping the movie won't do the book as big an injustice as The Martian did. And The Martian despite everything was a good movie so yeah I recommend reading both Project: Hail Mary and The Martian if you haven't yet.

I take a fancy in analogue technologies and have a particular interest in analogue oscilloscopes, owing to which I am in possession of a Voltcraft EO 211 as well as a Philips GM5659. The Voltcraft works perfectly but I'll likely have to clean the 5659 inside and out before turning it on to avoid the thermionic valves destroying themselves. I suppose I will write about that when the time comes. Soapy electronics do always look funny after all.

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